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Belfer Management LLC is a family office affiliated with the Belfer family in New York City. Founded in 2000 by its now Chairman Emeritus, Robert Belfer, and his son and CEO, Laurence Belfer, the office manages the family’s investment and philanthropic efforts.


Historically, the family emphasized the energy, real estate, and financial services businesses but now maintains a more diversified portfolio. We invest in the United States and abroad, across the capital structure, with an equity emphasis. All the capital is principal capital, so we can be quick, flexible, and responsive on the front end and patient and supportive on the back end - as we have no investing or harvesting time requirements and no particular portfolio construction constraints. We primarily have a self-directed model and are, by far, our own largest money manager. We selectively allocate to third-party managed funds.

The view from Belfer Management LLC in NY

On the public side, we are long biased and concentrated with a true long-term time horizon. On the private side, we routinely partner/co-invest with like-minded families, private equity firms and hedge funds with side-pockets. We will consider both control and non-control investments. We are flexible about serving on Boards and Advisory Committees (and have lots of experience in these areas) - but will bring whatever resources we have to support all investments we make, regardless of formal titles, as time is our scarcest resource. While we have a high “cull rate” for potential new investments, we pride ourselves on assessing opportunities quickly, yet thoughtfully, and have a high “hit rate” once something is of interest to us.

We are a relatively small, close team that functions more like a band of guerrillas than an army and use a generalist approach to analysis. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our affairs, aspire to be a repeat “partner of choice” and recognize that our reputation, which has been earned over many decades, is our most important asset.

Belfer Management LLC is not an investment adviser, is not registered as an investment adviser and does not seek, solicit or accept investment advisory clients or provide investment advice to third party investors.

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